Thursday 5 February 2015

Winter product highlight: fleece wraps

In this week's product highlight I'm going to take a look at my fleece wraps. The design for these came about because although I love wearing a pashmina as an extra layer it is sometimes frustrating that they don't stay further down your back when you have them wrapped round your shoulders, and sometimes they're just not warm enough. So the design for the wrap was born - long enough that it covers most of your back, wide enough that you can wrap it elegantly round your shoulders, and made from a soft, warm but practical fabric.

I have to admit that while I love them myself they have surprised me with their popularity, selling well both at fairs and in Fabrication and online - I've sent several to the US already this year!

I try to keep Fabrication stocked with a rotating range of colours, but I'm always happy to take orders for custom colours if you can't find what you'd like. The same applies to orders from my online shop.

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