Thursday 10 January 2013

2013 remnant sale

In a flurry of organisation and tidying when I started back to work this week I went through and sorted out a lot of the remnants of fabric that I've accumulated over the past year or so. 

A lot of the bundles I kept because they are enough material to be usable for small projects, and range from polyester lining fabric to satin dupion, fleece and even some sequins. Lovely as it would be to sit down and plan projects to use all these up, I think I have to be realistic and admit that as it stands at the moment I don't have the time to spend doing so! Rather than stash it all until some point in the future I've decided to start listing my remnants in my eBay shop for others to use and enjoy.

It's a bit of a mammoth task as I've started off with an enormous bag full of bits to get through first off, but the plan is to keep on top of it better in the future... once I've got through this lot! 
I've put the starting listing for each one pretty low as I'm wanting them to go to a new home rather than make a big profit for me, so why not head over at some point - there are a couple of absolute bargains to be had!