Thursday 29 January 2015

Winter product highlight: wristwarmers

I thought I'd spend the next few blog posts giving you some more details behind some of my "off the peg" products that are perfect for the winter weather we've been having, starting with my wristwarmers!

These come in two styles: with thumbhole, and slightly shorter without thumbhole. The shorter style are actually the ones that came first, starting off life as a personal solution for keeping my hands warm on the freezing cold front edge of my sewing machine and then put on sale after people kept asking me about them. They've been a good stalwart but have definitely been overtaken in popularity by the second version I made.

Version two is the (currently more popular) longer version with a thumbhole. This version got added to sale after requests from friends, and has two advantages over the shorter version: they're longer and thus warmer and suitable for wearing instead of gloves on autumn days, and the thumbhole stops them from twisting round under your top while you're wearing them.
I tend to have the longer version ready-made up in a wider range of colours that the short ones but as always I'm happy to make you a custom pair in any colour you chose. Both are available to purchase from my online shop, and there is a basket full of the longer version for you to try on and buy in Fabrication in The Light, Leeds. 

Thursday 15 January 2015

Workshop info

We've all done it - welcomed in the New Year and made plans that this will be the year we learn new skills. Luckily for you, I am running some workshops at the lovely Me & Mrs Fisher in York that give you the chance to do just that. We've only scheduled up to the end of March at the moment, but I will be doing more from September onwards and am open to requests and suggestions of things you would like to see covered.

Here are some details of what's available so far... 

Get to know your sewing machine – Make a Tote Bag! [Edit: this class is now full! There will be another one in the autumn or I can do private tuition before then]
Saturday 17th January 10.30am – 1pm

A class for absolute beginners, where you can learn to set-up and use your machine. You’ll learn some basic sewing skills and end up with a length of bunting to take home and show off!

Class length: 2 & 1/2 hours
Price: £30
Student level: Absolute beginner

Optional extra: Basic Sewers Kit to be collected from tutor on the day, price £8. A kit containing the basic ‘extra’ tools that come in handy when you’re sewing, please contact the tutor in advance if you would like to order one.

Student needs to bring: functioning machine (incl instruction manual and power cord), 2 or 3 fat quarts of cotton print, notebook and pen/pencil.

Basic Cushions
Saturday 7th February 10.30am – 1pm

Learnt to use your machine but want to learn more skills? In this session you’ll learn zip insertion, buttonholes, applique and how to make a cushion.

Class length: 2 & 1/2 hours
Price: £30
Student level: Beginner (need ability to set-up machine and sew a straight(ish) line)

Student needs to bring: functioning machine (incl instruction manual and power cord), notebook and pen/pencil, 1/2 metre of medium weight cotton, matching zip or button, matching thread.

Make an A-line skirt
Saturday 7th March 10.00am – 1.30pm

Learn to make a knee-length A-line skirt that fits you perfectly. This is a class for those who can sew but want to learn to follow a pattern, insert a zip, hem and finish a garment.

Class length: 3.5 hours
Price: £40
Student level: Improver (basic ability to sew, at least having done our “Get to know your machine” class)

N.B. Student needs to provide tutor with their waist and hip measurements at least a week before class to ensure the correct size pattern is available. If you are struggling to measure yourself please contact the tutor for assistance.

Student needs to bring: functioning machine (incl instruction manual and power cord), notebook and pen/pencil, 1 metre of fabric (suggested fabric: light/med weight cotton), matching thread and 7” or 8” zip.
A line Skirt

All classes should be booked directly with Me & Mrs Fisher, either by telephoning 01904 656566 or calling in in person. And if you've never been in to the cafe then you really should, it's a lovely little place and the food is great!

Thursday 8 January 2015

Catching up after Christmas...

Blimey December was a busy month! I barely had time to catch my breath between sewing sessions to get all the orders done and keep my area in Fabrication in Leeds fully stocked. Rather than bore you with a post per cape/cloak, here's a round up of some of the beautiful custom pieces which left my workroom in December...

Black crushed velvet cape with a pointed hood:

Semi-circular boiled wool cloak a red lining, with 3 frog-clasps as closure:
Semi-circular pure wool cloak with a midnight blue satin lining and a beautiful celtic clasp - a surprise Christmas present for a very lucky lady!! The hood on this one is detachable, revealing a mandarin collar underneath:

Full-length boiled wool cloak with a jacquard weave lining. This was designed to go over a silk-velvet wedding dress in the same colour as the lining, which I also made but don't have any decent photographs of:

Child's red melton cloak with a white fur trim, after the cloak worn by the main character in the Goth Girl books. Also a Christmas present! 

This month already has a couple of cloaks and a wedding dress lined up, so I'm sure I'll be doing another round-up at some point!