Thursday 29 January 2015

Winter product highlight: wristwarmers

I thought I'd spend the next few blog posts giving you some more details behind some of my "off the peg" products that are perfect for the winter weather we've been having, starting with my wristwarmers!

These come in two styles: with thumbhole, and slightly shorter without thumbhole. The shorter style are actually the ones that came first, starting off life as a personal solution for keeping my hands warm on the freezing cold front edge of my sewing machine and then put on sale after people kept asking me about them. They've been a good stalwart but have definitely been overtaken in popularity by the second version I made.

Version two is the (currently more popular) longer version with a thumbhole. This version got added to sale after requests from friends, and has two advantages over the shorter version: they're longer and thus warmer and suitable for wearing instead of gloves on autumn days, and the thumbhole stops them from twisting round under your top while you're wearing them.
I tend to have the longer version ready-made up in a wider range of colours that the short ones but as always I'm happy to make you a custom pair in any colour you chose. Both are available to purchase from my online shop, and there is a basket full of the longer version for you to try on and buy in Fabrication in The Light, Leeds. 

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