Monday 12 September 2011

Another first...

And away from clothing and jewellery in to the world of knitting this time...a few friends have been suggesting that I should write up some of the knitting patterns I improvise so that others can get the opportunity to enjoy them. But, as is often the case, time and other things get in the way so it never gets started.

While I was knitting myself a new headband the other day (partly because I needed one, partly to use up some left-over sock yarn) I decided to test write up the pattern and see how it went. After all, it is quite pretty, and is probably a good length pattern to start with.

The design? A neat 2 stitch cable running up between two seed stitch columns. The edge deliberately doesn't have slipped stitches as I like the neat bumps the seed stitch gives, but anyone wanting a smooth edge could easily slip first stitch of each row instead.

 And where can you get the pattern? Ravelry of course, available for free download here

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