Thursday 25 August 2011

Leaf it out

In a break from posts about clothing, it's time to showcase some of the new jewellery designs that I've been working on. I've been trying to bring a touch of nature in to my work with metal, along with a bit of the gothic-ness that I love. The result is a series of cuffs and pendants featuring handmade brass buttons with leaf imprints (each one different, of course!) on leather and suede.
The cuffs feature three buttons, along a suede or leather strip which in turn runs through a larger backing piece of leather. The fastening is simple and adjustable - the loose end threads through the loop and then will either stay in place of it's own accord or can be knotted if desired.
The pendants feature just the one button plus a leather/sueded strip threaded through a contrasting square of leather. These will sit on black rubber necklets which not only look far better than a leather thong or silver chain for something like this but are also very comfortable to wear.
The only problem now is that I want one for myself, but I also have a show coming up this weekend that they're supposed to be on sale for...will I resist or will I have to make myself one before then?
And if I'm making myself one, which colour do I want?


  1. They look fab, and great idea for a way to fasten them. I like the purple strip best. :-)

  2. I agree with Jennifer, the purple one looks really good although obviously it will depend on what you're wearing!

  3. Cheers guys, I'm just a little proud of this set myself :-) I do like the purple/blue (colour depends on the light in real life) but I'm wondering if I might wear the red more...oh the dilemma!