Monday 18 April 2011

Nice to be finished...

Last week I finished a commission that I'd been working on for a little while. Why didn't I blog about it then? Because it was quite a special item and I wanted the person who'd commissioned it to see it before the world did.

So what was it? A ring. Not just any old ring though, it was a ring to hold a pink sapphire which had been in the family for years, having been brought back from India after the war. A very special stone then, which did make it quite a nerve-wracking commission to work on (especially when it came to setting the stone at the end).

It had been set in a claw setting previously but it didn't seem too happy to stay put in place, and she was beginning to be afraid to wear it for fear of it dropping out. So the ring I designed for it combined being a more secure setting with a very sleek modern design which although it had less of the stone on display highlighted the stone better.

And what did it look like? This...
pretty stunning, no? 

And yes, she was pleased with it. Which is a relief really!

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