Tuesday 5 February 2013

The old making way for the new...

Also known as 'End of Line' clearance, but I thought that sounded a bit formal for a blog title!

In preparation for my first craft fair of the year I've been sorting through my stock and have decided to put some of the few remaining items from 'old' designs that I no longer make up for sale at a greatly reduced price to clear space on my stand for the new designs that I've got in mind. After all, I only have limited space and I don't want to be devoting a quarter of it to the lonely stragglers that have been left behind after all the other bits from that range have gone!

There's nothing at all wrong with any of the pieces but I'd much rather they found a new home rather than lingering at the bottom of a box here so if you pop over to my eBay shop you'll find a few bargains treat yourself with!
And my first craft fair of the year? It's on the 23rd Feb at Henshaw's Arts and Crafts Centre, Knaresborough... free entry, cafe on site and lots of goodies to browse so do come along if you're local!

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