Sunday 15 January 2012

Start as you mean to go on...

It won't surprise anyone if I say that I've got a lot of fabric. You could say that this is part of being a dressmaker, to have fabric in that you can make garments for customers from, but when your personal stash starts to expand out of the drawers it's supposed to be stored in and become piles of fabric that never get worked through, you have to admit that you might have a bit too much fabric. An awful lot of this fabric was bought with a particular project in mind, but I haven't been very good at getting round to making up the projects I planned.

So, for the first part of 2012 at least, I will be dedicating my Saturdays to sewing for myself and working my way through that enormous stash. As an added incentive, this will mean I get some nice new clothes to wear!

Last weekend saw the trousers I'd been meaning to make for ages finally getting done, but strictly speaking they weren't from stash as I'd 'accidentally' used the black cord for something else and had to buy some more. 

This weekend has been a bit better on the stash reduction front. First up was some green patterned jersey I bought last September, with the plan of making a wrapover top. I stuck to this plan, and drafted up a pattern that made a very nice top:
In fact, I like the top so much that I decided this was a good pattern to use for the black jersey with grey spots that had been loitering in a drawer for a couple of years. I tweaked the pattern slightly, shortening the body by a few centimetres gave me just enough fabric to lengthen the sleeves a little:
It is nice to have new clothes, it has to be said, so shortly I'll be heading back to my workroom to dig out another piece of fabric and start work on the next project. And yes, I know it's Sunday and I only mentioned Saturdays, but why stop when you're on a roll!

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