Monday 7 November 2011

Spectacular feathered cape!

It's not just me saying that this piece is fairly spectacular, it was seen by a few family members on Friday who all thought so as well!

I was commissioned by a customer who is a Shirley Bassey tribute to make a cape as similar as possible to the white cape she wore for her Electric Proms performance. Complete with feathers round the edge. And, quite a few metres of chiffon and several boas later, I'm please to say that the result is pretty good. But first, a few snaps of my workroom as the feathers were being attached!

The new boas trying to escape from the box they were delivered in...
Even my dressmaker's dummy was roped in to holding some feathers...
And it did feel like they were going to swallow the sewing machine at times...
But the end result was worth it (even if it was a bit difficult to photograph in full without someone to model it for me!)

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