Tuesday 7 June 2011

Phew, made it in time!

I'm generally pretty good at working to deadlines, but I always like to leave myself a bit of leeway for the unforseen. There wasn't much time for that this time though, and then things compounded to get even tighter...still, all done and one happy customer!

I was asked about 10 days ago if I could make a dress for an interview, something simple but a little bit tailored, which sounded straightforward enough so i said yes.

Steps 1 & 2 were straightforward enough - the customer came round to be measured, we agreed the design and ordered the fabric that day (unfortunately she wanted something which local shops didn't stock so it had to be online).

I made up the toile ready her for her to try on...

All well and good...but there was a delay on the fabric being despatched which meant that it wasn't sent until Friday afternoon. And then to compound things the postman and I managed to miss each other (it's the proverbial law of sod that the postman will call in the one moment you're out of the house that day!) so I ended up not getting the fabric until early this morning.

And the deadline for the dress? Yep you guesses correct - the interview's tomorrow!

I don't think I've sewn this fast in a while, I'm just glad that I'd spent time toiling and adjusting the pattern previously so I could be confident that the pattern was completely correct.

I did manage to get it done, lined, overlocked and all the finishing touches done in time for her coming round to collect it. And it fitted well and looks good on (although it does need a final final iron at the time of taking this photo!)

Now I just have to hope she gets the job!!


  1. Fingers crossed for the interview! Late arrival of the fabric shows how important it is to be organised!

  2. True, although it wasn't me that was unorganised this time (I usually say a minimum of 2 weeks for a made-to-measure items, and try to go for 4-6 weeks if possible) Still, at least it got done on time in the end!