Thursday 5 May 2011

Moving on from paper...

After drafting and cutting the pattern pieces yesterday, today was the day to move on to cutting and sewing a calico mock-up of the coat to test both the pattern and the fit.

First task: lay out all the pattern pieces on the calico, and work out the most economical way to fit them on to the fabric. This is one of the things that a commercial pattern does for you as they usually provide a plan of where to lay the pieces, but it's a task I quite enjoy as a bit of a challenge. Once laid out all pieces are laid out it's time to pin and cut. 
Second task: the 'simple' matter of working out what order to sew the pieces together in, and doing said sewing. I'm pretty pleased with the result so far, although exactly how well it fits remains to be seen - I still need to draft and sew the sleeves before it can be tried on by the customer!


  1. Hello, Rosie told me about your blog, it's very interesting to see the process of these clothes coming together! Love the capes. x

  2. Hello, sorry for the delay in replying - I should find the setting that tells me if people have left comments!

    Thank-you for dropping by, glad you're finding it interesting, makes it worth writing :-) There will be more on this coat to come in the next few weeks - the fabric is now on order so I can get on with making it (the really exciting bit!).

    And nice to hear re the capes, they're great fun to make!


  3. oops, sorry there was meant to be an 'x' on the bottom of all that - interweb had an eppy and crashed and I inadvertently dropped it off the bottom when I was copying & pasting it all!