Friday 18 February 2011

Altered state of being

Guess what, alterations can be fun! Ok, so maybe your standard re-hemming isn't 'fun' as such (although it can be nice to sit back and look at a job well done) but more major alterations can be really satisfying to do.

Take this dress, for instance. It started life as a very elegant bridesmaid dress, which looked beautiful on the day but wasn't a style the bridesmaid in question was going to wear again too often:

So in it came to my workshop, and after some discussion about what she was likely to wear, I set about shortening it, adding a net underskirt that was visible at the bottom, and some straps (using the fabric which had come off the bottom of the skirt).

The result? A dress with a completely different air about it, and a whole new lease of life:

And to make sure nothing is wasted, the rest of the fabric which came off the bottom will be being transformed into a matching clutch bag next week.

If you've got a dress you'd like to get a makeover, then email me and find out what might be possible! 

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