Tuesday 4 January 2011

Have you got a list?

By list, I mean a list of New Year's Resolutions (of course).

I always say to myself that I'm not going to make any this year, probably along with many others thinking similarly as the end of the year approaches at break-neck speed, but then the first day of January arrives and I make a couple for good measure.

So what have I resolved this year? Well for a start to be more efficient and organised than I can be prone to be on occasion. I think, however, I may not have meant this organisation to extend to my new pin cushion: 

All this particular fit of organisation established is that I have space for more pins on this pin cushion alone, and infinite patience for the trivial details in things. 

No, by organisation I meant things like keeping record of where I am with everything, notes to myself of what I need to do on a daily basis, and a bit of self-discipline in finishing what I can on one thing before starting the next (well, I can live in hope).

My next item on the list? To work my way through my ever-growing yarn & fibre stash before buying more. This is otherwise known as going cold sheep, and widely regarded in the knitting community as being really quite difficult to do. I do feel a pang of guilt for my local yarn shop for this resolution, so it has been tempered with a clause that this isn't for the full year, just until I've managed to half-empty some of my stash drawers that are currently full to bursting with yarn (particularly sock yarn).

And thirdly? (things must always come in three's, after all) To finish my corset pattern before the end of the month. At least since I've got some fabric left over from this dress the end result of is tempting enough for me to manage it before too long:

Right, best be off to find where I left that pattern paper pre-Christmas!

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